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School Safety Information

The school-community is invited to review and comment on ż School ż’s draft of the safety plan. This year’s plan includes information on emergency remote instruction to ensure continuity for students in the event of an emergency school closure. The plan may be viewed through the link below. All comments should be forwarded to the ż Clerk at KCastelli@bayshore.k12.ny.us by July 8, 2024. Following this comment period, the plan will be publicly reviewed at the August 7, 2024 Board of Education Work Session. The plan will be formally adopted by the Board of Education at the August 21, 2024  Public Session meeting. Please note that for the safety of our students and staff, this plan, by design, does not go into specific details. Each building develops a plan with specific details, which is confidential in nature.

The ż School ż is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the students and staff in its buildings. The ż continuously evaluates the physical security of its schools and keeps in contact with local law enforcement agencies to remain vigilant about potential threats. School safety plans and emergency procedures  are reviewed each year so that they are kept up-to-date.

The ż Wide Safety Plan and Remote Instruction Plan can be accessed using the links below:

Emergency Response Levels

The ż uses 5 different levels of emergency response ranging from shelter-in-place to lockdown; a detailed description of each can be found below. Each level requires a different set of actions from staff and students. Staff receive training each year on the actions expected during each type of emergency. During drills, these actions are completed so that they become natural for staff and students.

Emergency Response Levels  

Communication During an Emergency

The ż or school building will alert parents and guardians if an emergency response level is activated in the building, as well as when the level changes or is canceled. In an emergency situation, the ż will use the ParentSquare notification system as the main mode of communication. This system is used to send phone calls and emails to families. Most often, the ż will utilize phone calls to alert parents and guardians that an emergency response has been activated. Depending on the situation, the ż may also share updates on its website and social media channels. It is important to remember, not all of the details of the event that triggered an emergency response can be shared, particularly in the initial notification. The ż will always share the most critical information that parents and guardians need.

In order to ensure you receive messages from the ż and school buildings, please review your contact information in iCampus. If there are errors in your contact information or if the information has changed, please notify the main office of your child’s school building.


Parent/Guardian Action During an Emergency

During an emergency situation, it is crucial that parents and guardians follow any instructions given by the ż or school building. This is especially important when it pertains to any gathering or reunification location that the situation may require. At no time should parents or guardians attempt to go to a school building during an emergency situation at that building. If a situation requires police or emergency medical (EMS) response, parents or guardians attempting to get to a school building could slow or block an efficient response.

At times, social media can be a negative factor in emergency situations. It is very easy for an incorrect piece of information to be shared quickly and circulate widely. When that happens, it is often hard to correct that information. During an emergency situation, the only information that should be shared is information that comes from official ż sources, such as a phone blast or post on the website or social media channels. Cutting down on the amount of rumors, hearsay, and speculation that are spread during an emergency can help to reduce unnecessary concerns.