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Dr. MaloneyDear ż-Brightwaters Community,

Welcome to ż Schools.  When you imagine the type of education your children will receive, you think about a warm and welcoming environment filled with opportunities for them to achieve and grow. Students in the ż School ż are supported in the classroom as learners, on the fields as athletes, in the studio as artists, and on stage as actors and musicians. The dedication of our staff and the support of our community provides us with an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

Each year, we have an opportunity to build upon ż’s legacy of excellence. We are committed to providing diverse course offerings that appropriately challenge students in both academic and extracurricular settings. When students graduate from the ż School ż, they are prepared to think critically and adapt to their changing world.

Although the educational journey for every child is different, the essential skills needed to achieve success are the same. The academic and emotional success of each of our students is a fundamental priority. To actualize that goal, we ensure that each of our schools is an environment which cultivates those skills. Additionally, we recognize the significance that mental health and wellness play in daily decisions. We will therefore continue to provide the resources necessary for our students, staff, and community to excel.

By strengthening our relationship with the community we serve, we can sustain the culture of excellence for which our ż is known. As always, thank you for your support of our students and ż Schools.  


Steven J. Maloney, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools