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For the past five years, our online sports registration program has been a great success in allowing parents/guardians of our student-athletes to register on a common platform each season. The platform is combatable with any computer or smart phone.  FamilyID’S goal is to make the process more streamlined and time efficient. When you register with , the system keeps track of your information/demographics (name, address, phone numbers, emergency contacts etc), automatically populating those categories in future registrations, thus saving time. While you only have to create a student account ONCE for each student, please note that EACH season you need to register your student-athlete. After you create your initial account, the next time you register you will only be required to choose the sport, review the medical questions and sign the waivers. 


  1. The account must be created in the name of the parent/guardian along with their corresponding email. The child cannot be the owner of the account. If they are the owner, they will not be cleared by the nurses.
  2. Please remember your username and password. If you forget one of them and cannot reset it, please call at 1-781-205-2800. Their customer support is very good and responds quickly. Please do not create multiple accounts, as that makes it challenging for everyone.
  3. will generally open approximately 30 days prior to the start of the season.
  4. generally closes the Thursday before the season is scheduled to begin (allowing time for the nurses to clear the athletes). However, this time-line may change for this school year (2020-2021) due to the adjusted sport schedules.
  5. Please do not wait until the last day to register your child. If your child needs special notes (Epi pen, Asthma etc.) for clearance, it will take an extra day or two for the doctor’s office to process it and your child may miss tryouts.
  6. Each specific season requires a NEW registration.  Ex. You register to play football in the fall, then want to play basketball in the winter, you must register for basketball in the winter.