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ż High School Memory Walk

As part of its 50th reunion, the ż High School Class of 1968 initiated a project to install a Memory Walk in the area around the flagpole in front of ż High School.


The walkway leading from the front circle to Third Avenue was repaved with bricks, which are available for purchase by the public. The area around the flagpole was extended and 8 benches were installed. The landscaping at the base of the flagpole was replaced and a plaque was placed on a small stone pedestal to dedicate the Memory Walk to students and staff, past, present and future.


Please read through the frequently asked question below. If you have additional questions, please email communityservice@bayshoreschools.org.


How much are the bricks?

The bricks range in price based on size and placement:

Walkway placement:

4"x8": $100

8"x8": $150

12"x12": $200


Marauder Circle placement (center square and border bricks):

8"x8": $175

12"x12": $250


What will the money from the sale of bricks go towards?

Beginning in 2019, donors are able to choose which organization their purchase of a brick will benefit. There a number of options available that will help provide support to ż students:


William B. Thieben Scholarship

ż Alumni Association/Class of 1969 Scholarship

ż Athletic Sponsors

ż Schools Arts Education Fund

ż Student Aid Fund


Who can purchase a brick?

The Memory Walk is open to all members of the community and alumni.


What can I put on the brick?

You will be able to create your own personalized message on the brick. You can commemorate your own graduation from ż High School by having your name and class year engraved on a brick. You can pay tribute to a special teacher, classmate or other individual who touched your life. You can recognize multiple family members who graduated from ż. No commercial or business advertising, religious or political messages will be allowed. All messages are subject to approval by the school district prior to engraving.


What if the bricks fades or chips?

These high-quality bricks come with a lifetime guarantee.


What size bricks are available?

There are three sizes available: 4 inches by 8 inches, 8 inches by 8 inches, and 12 inches by 12 inches. Each brick has line and character limits based on the size:


4"x8": 3 lines/14 characters per line

8"x8": 6 lines/14 characters per line

12"x12": 10 lines/21 characters per line


Is there a deadline for ordering bricks?

The sale of bricks will remain ongoing until all available bricks are sold. Bricks will not be engraved until the minimum number of orders is met for the engraver to complete the engraving on-site.