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Special Education PTA - (SEPTA)

SEPTA is a branch of the New York York State Parent Teacher Association that is devoted to supporting children with learning differences and special needs.  The term 'special needs' pertains to any student in the ż School ż or residing in ż that has received/is receiving services from the district that include speech therapy, autistic support, any learning disability, in any gifted/accelerated program or Advanced Placement/Honors programs, occupational therapy, etc. 


SEPTA provides a common meeting ground where parents can connect and share common issues, ideas, and goals with other parents, teachers, and administration.  By being each child's advocate, SEPTA and its members can ensure that each child receives the best possible program(s) for him/her to reach their potential and succeed. 


SEPTA is here to inform the community on the issues and changes that affect our special needs children, to collaborate with speakers on teaching parents through meetings and/or seminars, to encourage enrichment for all special education students and work towards a common goal, and to support our community that falls under any part of this umbrella.


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